Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/brother/etc.?


The Annies is a group of women who shoot together and support each other; each Annie knows that when she shows up for a shoot, the other shooters will be women. Your husband/boyfriend/brother would be welcome to look at photos, hear all your good stories afterward, or shoot with you at a different time.   We don’t bring our male-cousins/guy-pals/testosterone-friends to Girls’ Nights Out, so let’s leave them home for Annie events; they’ll be ok. 

Do I have to be a member of these clubs to join the fun?

Nope.  The Annie events are subsidized by a grant from the North Star Clay Target Foundation and the events are organized so that you can learn in a supportive way without needing to join the club(s).  If you decide you love shooting, you are welcome to pursue club membership, but for the monthly shoots it’s not necessary.

If I come alone, will I shoot alone?

Many people will arrive alone, and we’ll all pair up to shoot in groups based on experience level.  There will be many beginners (we hope!), and we will have appropriate instruction.   Join the fun even if you are coming solo, you’ll make new friends, and it will be completely worth it.

I have never touched a gun (or previously had a bad experience), and I’m nervous about it, do you have suggestions? 

This is very common; firearms can elicit all kinds of feelings in different people.  There will be instructors at all events.  We will respect your apprehension and not push you to shoot or hold a firearm until you are ready.  Read through the instructional information on the website; learning a few things in advance can help to ease the nerves. Feel free to reach out to one of the Annies board members directly; we have each helped new shooters and will be more than happy to work with you. 

May I bring a friend?

Sure!  You will each need to register for the event and also……… be a woman.  

Can my teenage daughter attend the clinics, or are they for women only?

High school girls can attend the events with a female parent or female guardian.  We want to encourage women of all ages to attend in a safe, supportive environment.  

Do I need my own shotgun?

No, the Annies have been lucky to have received shotgun donations and have rentals subsidized and available.  Come shoot our shotguns, and then as you fall in love with the sport, you’ll be more ready to commit to one of your own.  If you have your own already and want to shoot it, then bring it!

As a beginner, can I come one time to see if I like it or do I have to commit to a series of lessons?

Come once, come twice, or make your own punch card and come to all the events! 

What do I bring?

A good sense of humor, a water bottle, sunscreen, ear protection if you have it, safety/shooting glasses/or some kind of eye protection, a hat of some sort, and a willingness to make new friends.

What do I wear? 

Dress for comfort and the weather, including close-toed shoes, a shooting vest if you have one, and leave dangling or large earrings at home.  We will be walking on gravel, so sensible shoes are best.

Will there be fun people there?


Who subsidizes all this fun?

A generous grant from the North Star Clay Target Foundation (