The Annie Oakley Shooters of Northern Illinois

The Annie Oakley Shooters of Northern Illinois (The Annies) are a group of like-minded enterprising women who, like Annie herself, share a passion for shooting, hunting, new adventures, and the outdoors. We are a delightfully diverse mix of women: sharpshooters, grandmas, total beginners, tin can plinker’s, duck hunters, and competitive clay target shooting athletes. Everyone is welcome, there is no membership, dues or attendance requirement. Many of us simply enjoy the comradery of shooting, or learning to shoot shotguns, with other women – free of egos, unsolicited advice, and mansplaining.

Our primary program, SisterHood Of the Traveling Shotgun or S.H.O.T.S is a forum where women can meet monthly to learn to shoot, hone their skills, socialize and mentor each other.


The Annie’s will host 12 sporting clays clinics per calendar year. All women and girls are welcome, shooting skill is not required but safe shooting and proper range etiquette is mandatory. Advanced registration required via the Annie’s website. Each monthly shoot will begin with a mandatory safety briefing. Shoots will last about 2 hours and coaching from high quality NSCA certified instructors will be offered. Opportunity for all shooters to end their session with three chances at a trick shot competition, Annie Oakley style! Refreshments served post shoot, with an opportunity for a ‘lunch and learn’ – peer taught 10-minute mini lecture on a range of shotgun topics.

Shooters will be divided into 3 groups based on experience and skill level:

Novice Annie’s: Designed for brand new shooters – 30 min classroom orientation with handouts to include topics: Safety, Shotguns – types and terminology, Ammunition, Stance, Eye Position and Gun Fit. This is forum for high degree of comfort and a safe place to ask questions. Ladies will work with instructors and peer mentors to get fit for a gun, assess eye dominance and head to 5 stand to shoot 25-50 rounds.

Intermediate Annie’s: Ideal for those with some experience looking to hone their skills. Brief safety review followed by shooting 50 rounds on the course. Gun fit provided and eye dominance exercise available from instructors for those who request it. Groups of 3-4 women with 1 instructor to offer “supported shooting”.

Advanced Annie’s: Ideal for those interested in advanced shooting concepts and competition readiness. Brief safety review followed by shooting 50-100 rounds on the course.

“I aim to misbehave.”

Annie Oakley